The Ansarullah have signed in Muscat an agreement with the US that called for a cease fire starting as of today, and the formation of a national unity government that does not include Mansur Hadi . Despite this, the US / Saudi Coalition have raided 6 times today over different areas of Yemen causing more destruction . The assault would have lasted 2 years on Yemen and caused the death of almost 10 thousand Yemenis and the spread of malnutrition and starvation especially in Sa’da the stronghold of Ansarullah of which children were victims .

The merciless assault destroyed 38 thousand houses and did not spare anything , neither schools nor hospitals , nor infrastructure , nor factories or water or food supplies , everything was targeted with children number one victims whom the World Order considers as its number one enemy . Cholera has spread in almost half the country due to the lack of water, and other diseases cannot find adequate medication because of the siege imposed from everywhere . But the Yemenis did not surrender, nor did they give in to the World Order schemes , nor did they surrender their will to the predator . They defended themselves bravely , and would go barefooted with their guns to fight the enemy wherever the enemy was found , and track him and chase him and follow him into his own barracks , not backing off before any sacrifice.

This is because the Yemenis considered their freedom and independence more valuable than anything else. Thus, they stood steadfast, because this was the only way to prove their existence as a nation and a culture and a Religion . With whatever means they’ve got they defended themselves and preserved their autonomy and dignity and the integrity of their soil. They proved to be the real Arabs and Muslims and the carriers of the real Arab values . They deserve our respect and salutes . It is the Yemenis who did this ,alone without being helped by anyone; one of the poorest Arab people but with pride and dignity that they were fed with other Arab values of courage and eloquence and benevolence and sacrifice .

These are the values that were preserved by our literature and poetry, this is our heritage that we thought threatened or dead , and here it is in its full blossom, in the Yemeni fighter and sacrificer. All Natives will find in their heritage their source of strength with which they can defeat the purpose of the enemy with the determination required to defeat such a predator. This is possible and the Yemenis have proved it.


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