Syria has become divided into areas of hegemony , and the world powers are taking control of different areas respectively. And while the Tartous -Damascus- Ladikiyya region has fallen to Russia , the United States is controlling the rest , it is controlling the al Raqqa- Deir Ezzur area in the east, and is controlling the whole North of Syria through Turkey and through the Kurds indirectly and sometimes directly as in al Hasaka . This is not final of course but will change . These forces are all here to fight Terror that they have themselves created, their purpose is one as their motive.
Russia upon seeing the forces of the Resistance acting in Aleppo and gaining ground, immediately wanted to secure Idlib before the forces of the Resistance reach the region , and, for this reason , has been continuously bombarding Idlib for two days now under the pretext of targeting Terrorist groups , but this is not so because, what Moscow fears, is that the forces of the Resistance head to Idlib after Aleppo is secured and liberated , and Russia is doing a show of strength over Idlib and sending a message to Iran and Hizbullah. It is clear that there is no cooperation now between Russia and the Forces of the Resistance in this instance, because Russia is trying to anticipate on the ground and wants to secure the share of Turkey in the north, in Idlib precisely, after failing in securing the share of Turkey in Aleppo.


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