The Carnage is not over in Nigeria, and Kano witnessed a massacre lately as people were usually peacefully processing to celebrate the` Arba’een of Imam al Hussein , they were shot at and massacred as happened before in Zaria and in other places. Some thing unbelievable that these rulers are so much determined on carrying on their scheme, and one wonder how could something like this happen and keep happening over and over again targeting the same people over and over which shows the determination of those who are committing these atrocities to continue doing the same thing .

What is this ? and what kind of message does this massacre carry, and what is the world order fearing that dictates this bloody unjustifiable attitude towards peaceful people practicing their Religion ? What is at stake that dictates such bloody acts ? This is not an army behavior, ,this is an ISIS behavior, and no army behaves such against its own people who are unarmed civilians . His eminence Sheikh Zakzaki – may he recover and be back to his people- had said that we never saw Boko Haram and we don’t know what is Boko Haram, What we could understand is that it is the army that is Boko Haram . Why not ? They are behaving the same and one can mistake one for the other.

The purpose from creating these terrorist factions is to target people, to target them in their lives and in their practices and in their Religion and faith and in their culture . This is the goal behind creating ISIS and the sisters of SIS like Boko Haram and others. It is in this context only that we can understand the Nigerian Army . Nigerians should develop ways of protection . It is not admissible that this carnage continues and target people . This should stop at once . This is a crime committed by the state against its own citizens. This should be exposed as such as targeting the Nigerians , all the Nigerians` , and Africa, all of Africa and humanity itself .

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