So where do we get from there? Her majesty Kuznetsov- whose name very few can memorize – is sailing the seas and has become the lady of the Mediterranean, and around her six or seven maiden as a retinue sailing around her . Weren’t it for the bad smoke that is escaping through the exhaust pipes one would have believed the lie of the Russian carrier that no one on the Mediterranean shore will accept to harbor. What brought this calamity on Syria we don’t know. Some say that it is destiny, and Surya and Rusya being the same with their names made with identical letters that linked their fate forever .

The Russian lie will continue as long as no one is ready to investigate the role of Putin and how he came to Syria and why .The big lie going on in Syria is that Putin is fighting Terror. The Terror that he himself brought to Syria after he sold to Bandar bin Sultan thousands of Chechen and Dagestani terrorist thugs that Bandar paid in advance, and whom Putin promised to send to Syria- through Turkey- on condition that they never return. This was part of the deal. The second part was that Putin will have for task – assigned by the World Order- to fight Terror in Syria, and no Terror was ever fought the way it is being fought .

Everything shows that, rather than fighting Terror , Russia is monitoring it, and it is refraining from striking the hordes of thugs that are coming all the way from Turkey to Idlib and then to Aleppo, and whose path is easily tractable, and the trucks loaded with material and weapons destined to supply the thugs that are also tractable.

One does not fight Terror by parading in the sea, nor by bringing anti air craft missiles and deploying them in Syria, nor by striking randomly Idlib and Aleppo , nor by deferring battles and interrupting combats and imposing truces and accommodating armed thugs . All this is not fighting Terror, but is procrastination and loitering and getting nowhere. And military experts say that the absence of the Russian airstrikes over Aleppo played in the favor of the forces of the Resistance in the latest battle , which means in other words – that the Russian strikes – when they happen- play in favor of the terrorist thugs .

And how do we know that the thugs are not being informed about the strikes before hand, and that they are seeking shelter to avoid them? The truth is that we don’t know . We know nothing, and the media is lying. What we know is that Russia is coordinating with US , Turkey and israel and all those are not friends of Syria. It is as simple as this . The last joke is what is being reported that lady Kuznetsov is shelling Idlib and Homs , The lady could as well be farting, because, neither in Idlib nor in Homs, there are Syrian or Resistance forces ready to battle, and these strikes are useless and not part of a real battle because there is no one to proceed on the ground .

The latest news say that the Russian belligerent has brought his S-300 missile system to al Safira, near Aleppo, where the forces of the Resistance gathe. Why the Russian belligerent has brought his rusted missiles there we don’t know. Definitely not in order to assist the Resistance, but rather to shatter the forces on the ground that are determined to finish the battle of Aleppo once for all . If this display of so called powerful weapons is not for the so called anti Terror battle , what is it for then, and what promise did Putin’s PM – Medvedev- give to Netenyahu who asked him to do everything he could in order not to let Syria turn into a stronghold of the Resistance ?

These weapons have not been brought in order to protect Syria, and the Russians are outspoken about them being for the protection of the Russian airbase and the Russian forces , but who is threatening the Russian forces in Syria? No one. And the thugs of the opposition- who are supposed to be under continuous Russian shelling and striking – never targeted the Russians except once or twice in false flag attacks . They coexist perfectly with the Russians while massacring whoever falls under their hands .

If these weapons are not for the protection of Syria whereby Syria has become totally exposed with Turkey invading its land with Russian license , and if they are not for the protection of Russia who is not threatened by the armed thugs whom it accommodates , then what are these weapons for and whom are they protecting?


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