Putin maybe will not be able to impose the truce this time because he does not have the US cover, and the UN cover is not enough. Obama is too busy taking care of the repercussions of the failure of Hillary on the US unity .When Obama is weakened immediately his partner Putin is weakened and might not be able to enforce the truce decision . Now, that Trump is not officially in office, and Obama has lost the internal battle, not to speak of the external, Putin is left on his own, and will not be able to manage because all his strength comes from the US backing and the blind unjustifiable support of president Assad.

This is a historic moment that should be grabbed . The Resistance Forces have retrieved all what they have lost previously in Aleppo due to the fake truces imposed by US and marketed by Putin , and they have taken more, and they are progressing on the ground, and all the fronts are open to them , from the east , the south and the north. And the forces of the Resistance can handle all , and they have this strategy of attacking the enemy simultaneously from three or more sides, which leaves the enemy totally crippled with no option but to flee or die, and this is the fate that awaits most thugs if the battle continues, and this is what makes Putin push for a truce – as in previous times – pressured by his World Order allies to save what could be saved from the thugs of the opposition .

And now, the forces of the Resistance are overlooking Khan Touman that they are ready to retrieve, and Putin has become a potential loser as he kept his airforce – made of rusted planes- far from the real battlefield, and he will not be able to share in the victories over the thugs and claim them as his – as he usually does – and he will not probably be able to give the thugs enough time – through an assumed truce – to resupply themselves and reinforce their ranks . As a result , he will have his ears hopefully pulled by his masters. Today, Syrian officers from Minian saluted his eminence leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah with the military official salute directly from the battlefield . Long live the Resistance!


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