We should have become used to this by now . The presidential election show has become a necessity for the US to continue to function . The truth is that the criminal- who has been caught red handed – cannot continue to kill while wearing the same dress , and, at one point, he needs to dress differently so as to be able to continue to commit what he has been committing .

The US administration under Obama has been greatly involved and caught red handed in sponsoring and sustaining Terror all over the world. It has not been very successful in doing this , but has faced Resistances in Iraq and Yemen and Syria that succeeded in warding off the attack one way or another, or in retaliating to it . To counterpart this Resistance, the USA introduced Russia and put it in charge of the Syrian issue so as to prevent a striking victory of the Axis of the Resistance over the terrorist thugs of the World Order. The Russians succeeded in infiltrating the Axis of the Resistance by separating the Syrian rule from it and put it under Russian custody . But , all in all, Syria is still on the map and neither the Resistance properly speaking, nor Iran were undermined . On the contrary, the Resistance grew in power and brought a pro Resistance president to rule Lebanon after 2 years of waiting .

The World Order needs to continue the conspiracy, and Hillary is too much known and exposed, and so is Obama, and it was all set up as it seems and agreed upon to bring Trump to the rule because Trump can offer a new disguise assuming which the administration can continue to do what it has been doing . The US citizens did not choose as usual, and the media campaign that promoted Hillary everywhere was meant to turn in favor of Trump. The US people thought that they were voting against the establishment – which they longed for- and Trump presented himself as coming from outside this establishment by being at odds with many powerful Republicans . But this is not true of course, Trump is part of the establishment. Hillary, thus, was set up , because there was the same need for change that brought Obama 8 years ago to power after the Bush rule .

The remarkable thing is the new image that is circulating that brings Trump and Putin together, which seems to be the new equation that will rule . Trump will not rule alone , he will rule with Putin , at least will monitor with Putin the issues of the so called Middle East or the Arab countries . Putin needs this now and needs to be shored up after also being exposed in Syria due to his reluctance in liberating Aleppo , and US also needs this and is going through a real crisis , and this what is being marketed right now : the Trump – Putin equation.

This is not a polarity in any way , but an equation that will be in charge – among other things – of continuing the US scheme and dealing with most issues starting by liquidating the Palestinian Cause , noting the fact that both Trump and Putin are fully committed to Israel. and that Moscow has been already put in charge of the Palestinian issue .


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