The liberation of al Mosul is not for tomorrow , and al Baghdadi decided to fight, and announced this which means there is a battle , there is no way the Iraqi Army could do without the Popular Crowd and , for this reason maybe , Iranian experts have come on the ground . It is clear that partition is what is instore, and the US is monitoring all fighting factions on the ground , not overlooking the fact there are forces that are growing strong and independent like the Popular Crowd that might not accept to stay under US custody for long .

The Popular Crowd are trying to reach Tella’far and cut the road on ISIS towards Syria despite the US seemingly objecting under the pretext that the Popular Crowd will take revenge on the” Sunnis ” who form more than half percent of the population. This is not true of course , but what will happen- that has happened before- is that those who were persecuted by ISIS will take revenge on those from the other sect – among the local population- who have collaborated with ISIS . This is how every town occupied by ISIS and then ” liberated” might witness such acts of revenge which is intended of course , and this is what ISIS will leave behind in more than a place in Ninewah that presents religious or sectarian or even ethnic diversity.

The liberation of al Mosul is not for tomorrow, and the liberation of al Raqqa in Syria will just start according to the US belligerent , and the Kurds are in charge , and the YPG is getting ready and will have to mobilize 30 thousands for this battle and the Syrian forces might be given a role also .The Kurds have been deprived by the Turks from connecting their Kurdish Syrian corridor from Al Hasaka to Ifreen when the Turks prevented them from going west further than Manbij where they were stopped by the Turks . Al Raqqa battle was given for them as a form of compensation, and now they can start calling again for their federal state on a portion of Syria on the borders with Iraq . This will permit the Kurdish federal state in Syria to connect to Kurdistan in Iraq after the Kurds take hold of Sinjar in Ninewah and other places and secure the rich district of Kirkook and connect it to Kurdistan as well. This is not because the US love the Kurds but because through this scheme of partition they hope to reach the Kurds of Iran and set them against their government .

The Turks , the Kurds , the Russians , the Syrians are all carrying on and are sharing in the US scheme of partition of the region .

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