The onlooker at the Arab World and the Arab people will say that this is the worst spot on earth , but had you known the quantity of effort exerted to put them in this situation you would have deducted that they are maybe the greatest people. The efforts exerted on behalf of the western world to keep these people and countries in a degenerate condition have no equal. From Balfour to Sykes Picot and the Arab first Revolution and partition to the Arab actual Spring passing by the Arab League and Israel and the conspiracies of various kinds , religious and sectarian and ethnic and you name it, and the acculturation process at all levels, and the stooges and pawns appointed everywhere and the sacking of the resources at all levels; all this proves that the awakening of these people is the most immanent threat to the Western Establishment .

In comparison, think about how much money is being poured so that Israel looks decent, how much effort is being exerted to maintain Israel. Think what would have happened if these efforts to maintain Israel and the efforts to oppress Arabs were lifted . Think of what would have happened if this area were relieved , Think of what would have happened if the Sheikhs of the Religion became decent , if the rulers became honest , if the leaders became true leaders. Think about how a handful of people -who managed to put up with this pressure and liberate themselves- fared .Think about how these people defeated the greatest powers on earth allied together against them . Think that they won over Israel and the whole world establishment.

A handful of people with modest means defeated the US of America, a handful of unsophisticated young heroes from various villages did this with moderate means . Think that these people are right now everyday defeating the whole western world rallied together against them in Syria. Think about the miracle of Syria resisting against all this , against hundreds of thousands of trained criminal thugs supplied with the most sophisticated weapons and equipment and supported by Arab and foreign governments. Think about how Syria is resisting all this and fighting all this and winning .Think about the miracle that would have happened if all the Arab countries awakened and took to struggle. Think about what would have happen if all the Arab armies took to struggle. Think about these things..

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