The timing gives us the opportunity to draw the parallel between the Lebanese presidentials and the US presidentials . In 2 days the US will vote to bring to power either a criminal lady or a potential criminal billionaire , and the US citizens will have the choice between the two. From one presidential election to the other, the situation is` degenerating even more as the US~ will choose for president one of the promoters and monitors of ISIS and maybe the most important one . The US might as well choose the Khalife of ISIS to rule over them, and this is not very far fetched by the way , and all they need is to give him a US citizenship.

There is complete moral degeneracy in this country, because nothing else can explain the ascension of Clinton to power as expected . A criminal and a liar and a thief; a corrupt person in every respect whose hands are stained with innocent blood , who set up Libya and Syria and Egypt and Yemen and you name it after ripping off Haiti, and who will do even more if permitted .
In short , there is nothing to expect from both candidates , and they will prove as criminal as their predecessors, and the series of horror that started 500 years ago with the slaughter of the Native Nations will continue, and Natives will continue to be tracked and targeted and slain everywhere , in the Arab or Muslim World , in Africa or Latin America until no place on earth is safe from the predators and their clients .

On the other hand, Lebanon witnessed last week elections that were due long ago to choose a president for the Republic, and what happened is the opposite of what is happening in the USA. Lebanon chose the best of candidates , the most sincere and the most reliable and the most committed to the welfare of the people , and who will give real independence to Lebanon . A president in which the predators had no say, who was made in Lebanon, by the Lebanese and for the Lebanese, . A president to whom the embassies have no access, and who can defeat the purposes of the enemy of subjugation and interference and affiliation. An unquestionable ally of the Lebanese Resistance that will give the Resistance its due support, and will rally the Lebanese around it , all the Lebanese .

This is what the Lebanese have chosen, and Lebanon – the smallest among Arab countries – will grow in power and in ethics while US will keep degenerating until it reaches the bottom , if there is a bottom . This parallel is just to draw the attention that such choice is possible for all Natives, and is even a must for all Natives, because what awaits the Natives of Asia and Africa and the people of Latin America is what happened and is happening now in Palestine and Iraq and Libya and Syria and so many other countries. It is utter chaos and destruction at the hands of the predators and their proxy armies whom they bred and cultivated and sustained .

The beast has gone completely loose and mad , and no one can restraint it anymore , and there is no internal hindrance or moral boundaries , there is nothing except this blind power and this arrogance that defies everything. Only a stand rooted in morality and in ethics like the Resistance stand and like the President Aoun’s stand can keep under check this ugly beast


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