They hammer over our heads that Syria is secular and will not accept any kind of confessionalism and that Syria’s war is with religions and confessions, and Syria’s`war is with those who target Syria as a secular entity, and it is because of its secularity that Syria is being targeted . And then, the Syrians loyal to the rule will rush to defend the secularism of the state against the so called Islamic attack and will justify the Russian presence as a force that will counterbalance Iran and the Resistance and protect the Syrian secularism.

But this is not so , because Syria is not a secular state keeping in mind that it is not religious either and it is not because of secularism that Syria is`targeted . The truth Syria is an oppressive state , and lives under an oppressive rule and people have practically no rights . The Syrian rule aligns along secularism in order to shift the struggle away from the israeli arena and to justify Syria’s reluctance to fight the israeli enemy , while it is engaging in a war on terror monitored by Russia that has no end .

What happened to Syria might be taken for a foreign attack on a constituent of the Axis of the Resistance , and this interpretation is not far from reality. But the problem has an internal side which is not less important, and one can say that it is the internal troubled situation that called for this attack .There was deep dissatisfaction at all levels among Syrians due to deprivation and oppression. A dissatisfaction that was camouflaged and silenced and that turned Syria into an extremely vulnerable state exposed to all kinds of dangers and threats . It is from this condition that Terror sprang . There was no possibility for a positive change that will cater to the peoples’ demands and take care of the situation before it bursts . The terrorist thugs were the only way left to express the Syrian need for change and reform .


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