To what avail is burying one’s head in the sand and saying things hat do not make sense ? The president says speaking about the Russians:
“What made the difference, of course, was firepower. They have firepower we don’t have,” he said, noting that, while other allies in the region have provided help, it has been far from enough.“We have some support from Hezbollah, but Lebanon is a country of only four million, so will be small. And some from the Iranians; but they didn’t send troops, they sent officers to help.”
One would like to ask the president why the Syrian airforce who has fire power did not use its fire power on the thugs of the opposition and why there were areas where the Syrian airforce` was not allowed to venture , who put these restrictions? Is it the same party who carried on the chemical deal ? Why the Syrian Army was prevented from using its air force in certain areas, and why the Russians would not provide the Syrians satellite information about the whereabouts of ISIS that the Syrian had asked for ? And what about Hizbullah contributing only with a small number because Lebanon is only 4 millions? What does it have to do with the Lebanese population if Hizbullah is not sending more freedom fighters? Does the president want the Lebanese to fight instead of the Syrians and replace them in this war?

the president also says :” For decades, Russia has proven to be a loyal and trustworthy ally to Syria that doesn’t put pressure on the country, Assad said. “Of course we make the decisions. The Russian military has been in Syria for six decades. Their policy rests on two things — morals and international law. Even if they have a point of view, they say: ‘This is your country, you know more.’ They never try to interfere because they don’t want anything from us. They don’t ask us to be a puppet president.”
But it is the Russians that are monitoring the military operations on the ground by the testimony of the Syrians themselves and they are speaking in the name of Syria in Geneva and everywhere else this does not make sense . And Russia is not the USSR and the presence of Russia cannot be the resuming of the old alliance .

The president is unfair regarding Iran and Hizbullah, and is too much praising Russia and going out of one’s way saying that Russia wants nothing . This is not true . Hizbullah and Iran want nothing but Russia wants everything and is feeding on the Syrian plight and benefiting on every front and has grown in name and fame . It is sad to hear the president of Syria speak thus about the Resistance and favoring Russia over the Resistance , so many Freedom fighters were martyred in Syria and there are hundreds of them , how many Russians died for Syria? The president wants the Lebanese to fight this war in his place ? And how would this help Syria?

A very disappointing interview



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  1. Lilly Smith says:

    Truly sad to read this interview …
    One would expect this kind of interview from a neophyte in Arab and Muslim affairs and someone who doesn’t know Anything about the Syrian conflict, but from the Syrian President himself?

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