The biggest event of the 20th century is not the fall of the USSR . The biggest event is the fall of the USSR in the hands of the USA , After that no one could check what the US was doing and the US could do as it pleases . And this is how the US found its lost treasure in the person of the KGB thug who had started his political career by stealing one hundred millions destined to supply Russia with food products . And the KGB thug shared with the US and the Bush family his best KGB recipes , and he became the favorite pet of the US, and he shared with the US the best KGB ideas.

The USA- who had become drained and incapable of coming up with innovative ideas – found in the ex KGB thug a real source of inspiration. This encounter between the KGB thug and the Bush family reached its climax in the bringing down of the two towers on 9 / 11 that was a repetition of the previous demonstration performed in Moscow in september 1999 .

That is how Putin ascended to the position of the joker of the World Order , and the World Order became an unquestionable master and is running the show alone after creating fake poles that do not question his power, and these are- in addition to the Russian Federation – the BRICS and Shanghai and Eurasia and other that Putin runs for the World Order’s sake .


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