As the US elections are drawing near, and as Hillary Clinton is expected to win and become president , it is good that we be reminded of those who ruled the country – called USA – before Obama and Clinton. Among them presidents who exceeded Clinton in barbarism and carnage.

Historian David Stannard writes describing president Andrew Jackson :

In year 1828 Andrew Jackson was elected president . He is the one who wrote on one occasion that each member of the Cherokee tribe should be subject to flagellation. Jackson is the one who led the army against the peaceful Indians describing them as wild dogs. It is Jackson who always used to say proudly :” i keep the head scalps of all those whom i kill” and Jackson is the president who attended personally to the scalping and amputating of the remains of men women and children whom he had killed with his men. He is the one who- long after serving his term as president- reminded the US Army of keeping tracking the Indians and killing them in their hiding places – be them men women or children- until they are totally exterminated.

From the book : American Holocaust; Columbus and the Conquest of the New World by David Stannard


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