to the soul of our Martyr al Fatiha
Bismillah walhamdulillah
Brothers and sisters i welcome you all and thank you for being here
Blessing to his family and my condolences for the loss of this loving brother
but as Imam al Hussein said that this plight has been eased because it happened in the eyes of God
Today i will speak about the Martyr and his jihad and the nature of the battle and the second part will be about Lebanon and the presidential elections
very few know the real name of the Martyr son of this honorable family ,
and son of this village that is of mixed communities
and the Martyr has gathered all this in his personality in addition to his belonging to the Resistance
has started as a scout in the Resistance . was a distinguished student and was the Resistance responsible at the university . graduated as an electrical engineer . From the university to the battlefield
this was his choice and he left everything and all the opportunities to engage in the Resistance in his own field and in the battlefield itself and in 2006 was responsible for warding off air strikes .
when the threat from the armed thugs in Syria became very close in al Qusayr and when it was urgent to protect the people over there , the Martyr was among the first to arrive there and since then he never left the battlefield
he monitored the battle and fought and was in the frontline
After that there was the Qalamoon where trapped cars were set up to be sent to Lebanon
there was no way to stop this except by going there and closing these set up places , from the Qalamoon to ‘Irsal . these places were closed and it became difficult to send any trapped car to Lebanon ,. These places are no more platforms to be used by the thugs
this is thanks to many sacrifices and leaders like Hajj Alaa’ . it is thanks to those that Lebanon enjoys security
Martyr ‘Alaa’ never left the battlefield and lately he was leading the team that protected the whole area of Qalamoon
Aleppo as is known is a major battle and has had great repercussions at all levels
New foreign thugs were brought through Aleppo and many Resistance people fell martyrs
So Martyr Hajj Alaa’ came to Aleppo and fell martyred in the place that thank to God was liberated
This was a decisive battle in Aleppo
Many battles in Syria and Iraq but there is one major battle ,
We in the Resistance were not driven by emotions and we studied well the situation . Our premises were not from the Media of course but from the field and we studied the enemy closely and it is after making a good diagnosis that we decided to join the battle .
As days passed it became clear for us from where did those armed factions come and who funds them and sponsors them . We start from facts . those who have a pre conceived idea , those will not change their mind . the purpose of this battle is not just the Resistance but there are demographic schemes and changes including uprooting people and changing the whole picture
not only eradicating the people but to eradicate everything related to the people , and to redraw the map of the area
not just the Sunnis are targeted and the Sunnis are the main target of this scheme .
and there are no boundaries no ethical or legal or religious boundaries
no boundaries of any kind and there is a goal that has to be attained whatever the cost
look at Yemen , millions are under siege . it is a war that does not follow any rules
The Iraqis have fought ISIS in all their constituents and now they want to liberate a whole province
The Turks want to fight this battle while the Popular Crowd who is Iraqi needs permission from the Turks to defend Iraq . And the Turks wants al Mosul and the same logic applies to Aleppo and the Turks will come to claim Aleppo as they claim al Mosul;
all agree that ISIS is criminal , but then the Clinton documents come to prove that the Saudis are funding ISIS
and Clinton admits of this fact , is there anyone to prosecute the country that is responsible for all this and they are the country who raise the flag of the Prophet
Is there anyone asking for a real investigation regarding ISIS ?
This is the battle that we are engage in and requires a presence at all levels to ward off the attack
we will remain in this battle and what the Martyr’s son said and he said it from the bottom of his heart
we are not ashamed of our martyrs and never hide their martyrdom
those who bet on us growing tired should give up
We do not grow tired of Martyrs or of our forbearance and steadfastness, I TELL TO THOSE WE WILL CONTINUE TILL THE END
we will only come back to Lebanon in one case that is if we have reaped final victory
i can tell you until now we- the Axis of the Resistance – have prevented this conspiracy from achieving its purpose
in Lebanon there was a significant step in Hariri naming general Aoun as his candidate to the presidential elections . Hariri has started his speech by attacking us but we will overlook this because of the circumstance that requires this
We have committed ourselves to silence and we don’t want to say anything that could defy the other .
and no doubt Hariri’s declaration brought reactions
i will say this that everything that is happening will be dealt with through dialogue and no one at all is thinking in terms of going back to the civil war neither among our allies nor among our opponents
and no one is working for the duality in the rule and all have become aware that this country could never be ruled by any duality that is exclusive
but some positions has raised doubts about this
we should all treat these suspicions , we need a certain level of confidence
we always said that when the Future movement declared their position, this gave us the opportunity to assess together the situation and seek solutions and resolve our differences . Alliance does not mean affiliation. Affiliation is one thing and alliance is another
the alliance is based on trust and sharing in vast spaces and we deal RESPECTFULLY WITH OUR ALLIES AND DO NOT IMPOSE ANYTHING ON THEM , WE SPEAK TO THEM
and we hope to reach a common ground soon with them regarding the presidential elections
many people would like to see escalation between us and our allies and many are investing in this unfortunately
i like to tell our allies of AMAL that the relation between AMAL and Hizbullah is stronger than to be shaken by this problem
and personally also this relation is strong between myself and Mister Nabih Berri the leader of AMAL
some people say it is distribution of roles . so let it be
but it is not so , this is just a position that we have taken while they have taken a different position
our allies have reasons for naming Frangieh candidate and we understand those reasons
but we never accused one another of anything
and when we will go to elect , each will go with his own convictions
and we will be trusting in our allies and they will be trusting us
We want nothing for ourselves , what we want is the future of the country
with our allies , there are no problems so let no one bet on this
also with minister Frangieh , he has understood our position and the relation and alliance will continue
Also regarding the Free patriotic Movement , i would like to address the people of the movement as an honest friend , do not let anyone affect the relation between the Resistance and the movement
i warn against these attempts that say that we do not want the general as president , nor any other president . These are rumors
we have been committed to the general since the beginning
And we have said that we do not mind that Hariri becomes PM and this is a great sacrifice we are offering . we could have said to the general that we are committed to his person and not to Hariri but we didn’t , we accepted, and this was not easy and it is a sacrifice on our behalf and i could just now answer Hariri and i have evidence also and i do not lack courage , but i will not because i want these presidential elections to take place . i invite them to open the votes . i repeat that on the elections day we – as Resistance – will vote for general Aoun

we want these elections to be positive and open a new page
i tell the martyr that his brothers will resume the battle and will continue what he has started, and these dark forces will be defeated by God’s grace


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