While the truce in Aleppo has been extended until tonight , what experts say has turned out to be true whereby the people of east Aleppo who were not allowed to exit towards the areas controlled by the Syrian government upon Russian invitation, entered in direct clashes with the thugs of the opposition . The thugs shelled all the 8 crossings with rockets that reached west Aleppo also, and placed snipers on the crossings , and many transgressors were wounded . This lead to thugs executing 35 among civilians who were trying to flee and others were taken into custody for doing the same thing .

The people are left to provide for themselves whereby the Syrian Army has totally withdrawn from the area and not to be seen as the Russian commandment had imposed a suspension of the joint Syrian/ Russian air strikes that could last endlessly as they admit . The whole operation seems to be a farce. The UN was not attending even though it was de Mistura’s idea to evacuate 900 of al Nusrat thugs , from Aleppo and he had promised to help them out personally . Of course, de Mistura did not do anything of this sort and the thugs will not leave and none of the thugs surrendered and those who tried were confronted by the other thugs . Russian sources also say that 1200 thugs among them 30 suicidals have gathered to enter east Aleppo from the south, west and 200 hundreds of them are already there if we want to believe the Russian belligerent .

During this show that lasted 2 days , only a family of 8 people could cross safely to the other side . Sayyed Hassan no doubt was right as he saw the dead end of the situation , adding that the last card is for the people to sort out their choices . The truth is that these people- the Syrians- have fallen a prey to the foreign fake promises of democracy and liberty , and to the Syrian Army shortcomings, and to the bad management of this whole crisis since its beginning and to the Russian infiltration that tied the hands of the Resistance forces on the ground and introduced the Turkish belligerent to Syria,..

Now, the thugs for the third time are reinforcing their positions in south Aleppo and have increased their numbers and getting the required help , and the people are facing them alone with empty hands . Nevertheless. , the Russian belligerent who deferred endlessly the battle of Aleppo to serve World Order interests, is still to be considered the friend of Syria and the Syrians , and no one has been able to change this equation yet .


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