Lebanon- finally – has a right to a president of the Republic . General Michel Aoun – head of the Free Patriotic Movement – and Hizbullah Christian first ally, will be elected to the presidency of Lebanon hopefully by the end of this month , Lebanon will have a president after more than 2 years of waiting .

What characterises Aoun is the fact that he is an independent person not affiliated to any regional or international power, and is not linked to embassies and not affiliated to foreign powers nor is complacent to any super power . A patriotic leader by excellence who has no par in the Christian Lebanese community, and the first to have opened up to the Resistance by initiating this rapprochement with Hizbullah that started in 2005 and has grown to become a real understanding and cooperation and coordination at most levels .

A real trust has been established between the Resistance and the movement built on the trust between Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah and the General. It is this trust and this understanding that brought Aoun to the presidency, and the General himself admits this fact . Once again Lebanon has come out victorious and this victory is not beneath any other victory .

After the disappointment in Syria whereby no victory could be reaped , the Resistance reaps again victory in Lebanon, and Lebanon is again victorious by being able to bring to the presidency an independent leader that is a close ally to the Resistance , who will fight corruption and fight Terror and promote the Resistance against Israel .

This is to say that the General who will rule together with next PM Hariri , does not have the approval of Syria or of president Assad who supports another candidate and does not approve of Aoun as president . The Syrian stand has created a schism within the allies of the Resistance in Lebanon, whereby Syria and the allies of Syria are not supporting the Resistance candidate to the presidency despite what the Resistance has offered to Syria .

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