This is the old trick and has for purpose probably to introduce Russia to Yemen. This happens by dissociating Egypt from Saudi Arabia so that Yemen can relate to Egypt and associate with Egypt . This is the origin of the differences that have separated recently KSA from Cairo , and that have been translated in cutting the Saudi oil exports to Egypt because Egypt took a pro Russian stand at the UN concerning the evacuation of al Nusrat from Aleppo . This is of course all staged and just for the show and has another purpose because, just yesterday, a Saudi official was visiting Cairo at the same time Ali Mamluk was visiting Cairo upon Egyptian request .The purpose of all this setting is to infiltrate the Yemeni front that is showing solidarity and unity and reaping victories over the US / Saudi Coalition . Already members of the Conference Party of Ali Abdallah Saleh to whom the Yemeni Army is loyal, are praising Egypt and betting on Egypt , and the goal is not just Egypt because what is intended is probably that the Russian belligerent crosses to Yemen on the Egyptian bridge. Once the Russian belligerent is in Yemen , the divergence will be created between Ansarullah and the Conference Party like it was created regarding the Axis of the Resistance between Syria and Iran and Hizbullah on the ground of secularism . The Yemenis should remain vigil and remember that it is Russia that called for this war on Yemen by non vetoing the UN Resolution 2216 that declared the war on Yemen.

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