A blast shakes Baghdad today , while the liberation of al Mosul is taking place and making more noise than victories . Leaflets were dropped to warn the population of al Mosul to stay away from ISIS locals . While the enemy should have been taken by surprise , the Iraqi authorities are almost using amplifiers to tell of their next move . In olden times Arab knights would not accept to take any area by surprise before sending their messengers to this area to warn the enemy few days ahead about the attack so that the enemy be well prepared and the victory well deserved . A real Arab knight would not accept to reap victory over an unprepared enemy . But unfortunately, these days have elapsed, and the reason why the Iraqis are disclosing their next move is because they wants ISIS to flee al Mosul and to exit safely which ISIS has started doing this by the way whereby news are circulating that al Baghdadi has fled to Syria, and Syria is to host the the unfortunate Caliph, and other thugs will do the same, and this is what Sayyed has warned about. Al Mosul would be taken but ISIS will remain safe.

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