Ali Mamluk President Assad special security adviser and head of the Baath security Intelligence apparatus – was in Egypt meeting Egyptian officials upon Egyptian request . It is significant that Assad did not send his minister of foreign affairs whom we rarely see these days . Mamluk’s purpose was to coordinate matters related to security . After the Egyptian / Russian joint maneuvers we will see more of those Syrian / Egyptian encounters , and both Egypt and Russia will try to distance themselves from KSA . This is only for the show of course because they are both essentially related to KSA , and at the same time Ali Mamluk was visiting, a high Saudi official was also in Cairo . But there is need to create a polarity with KSA so as to be able to maneuver within this space . Will Egypt send forces to Syria and become among those invited by Russia to share the Syrian pie ?

What is most alarming though is that this this Egypt versus KSA alignment is being witnessed in Yemen – as well- and the Conference Party of ‘Ali Abdallah Saleh to whom the Yemeni Army is loyal is trying to court Egypt as a potential pole to KSA . There is fear that the internal Yemeni front be divided over this issue and to start betting on Egypt as a choice and as a bridge over which Russia could cross and turn Yemen into another Syria. Not to forget that it is Russia that allowed this war on Yemen in the first place by non vetoing the UN Resolution 2216 that declared the war on Yemen.


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