The Lausanne meeting attended by all except Syria did not come up with anything- as expected- and was a failure. Nine countries plus the UN met without Syria to decide the fate of Syria and without coming up with anything . Previously, we used to see the Syrian foreign minister – Waleed al Mu’allem- in these meetings representing Syria and speaking in its name , but no more . There is no Syrian official attending these meetings and we have to ask why? Why isn’t Syria present ?

President Assad says in one of his recent interviews that he trusts Russia blindly . Does he trust Russia more than he trusts al Mu’allem? Because if it so then we have a problem . So, it is Russia that is speaking in the name of` Syria. Why? Why is Russia speaking in the name of Syria? And why to trust blindly anyone, and how a state can be run by the blind trust of another state ? And what is the meaning to belong to the Axis of the Resistance in this case?

The truth is that what is in store for Syria is the endless extension of the war . And this suits the World Order perfectly, but is very bad for Syria. We are not crying over the losses of lives , over the four hundred thousands who were sacrificed in this war , nor are we crying over the wounded or over the 13 millions who were displaced; we are crying over the fact that there is no perspective of a solution that will spare what remains of Syria . We are crying because those ruling over Syria are not up to the challenge , because Syria has been placed on the International platform by Russia in accordance with the Syrian rule, and it is up to the international predators to decide the fate of Syria.

Thus, the enemy has not been properly identified, and has been labeled as Terror, and Terror is the enemy of all, and Syria has become an international Arena to fight this multiheaded monster , and Syria has accepted to become thus, and has accepted that the sponsors of Terror share in the war against Terror. So , Syria has ended up fighting the tools of the predators that are disposable and replaceable regardless of their creators and sponsors; and Israel has been taken totally out of the picture . And so, not only the blindly trusted Russia has come with all its weapons to build military bases in Syria , but also US is doing the same in the north east, and so is Turkey doing in asserting its military presence over the north by invading many cities , and most European countries have taken turns in raiding Syria, and the schemes of partition are threatening the unity of the country .

The rule has nothing to offer but the blind trust in the Russian belligerent . Iran and Hizbullah have no say on the battleground, and it is Russia that is maneuvering militarily and politically, and the allies of Syria of the Axis of the Resistance can no more have access to their ally except through Russia. What are the choices left? There are no choices left, and there neither political settlement and no military solution . There is just escalation – as Sayyed said- and the ball is in the hands of the Syrian people to sort out their choices as Sayyed added . The Syrian rule seems to have been neutralized, and that is why the ball is to fall in the hands of the people for them to decide the fate of their country . Neutralized means that that there is no national perspective for Syria anymore , it is open to all possibilities and this is extremely dangerous. Anything could happen to Syria …

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