A very strange interview given by president Bashshar al Assad to the Pravda . Is the president a strange person ? Maybe . He seems sometimes very detached from Reality as as he had given the head to someone else . The journalist was bold enough to ask him about the mobilization of the population as she saw during her touring in Damascus many young men busy drinking coffee or spending leisure time in Coffee shops , men who- according to her – should be on the frontlines defending their country . Also she alluded to the official Media that broadcast all kinds of entertaining programs and sessions instead of focusing on the situation The president answer was not convincing at all in this instance . He spoke about the balance that one has to keep and continue to lead a normal life forgetting to say that this “normal” should revolve around the threat that the country is facing and that this should be the core of the matter . Here, the president who is the Chief Commander of the Syrian Army , show a real inexperience about how a`country should face an imminent threat ,The president said:
“President Assad: What we have now is partial, let’s say, mobilization. Why partial? What is the meaning of partial? It’s not the highest level. The highest level of mobilization means for everyone to go to fight, to different, let’s say, military fronts. It means you won’t have anyone at the universities, you won’t have teachers at schools, you won’t have employees to do anything, even the trucks, the cars, will be managed by the government, and anything else that would be part of this war. That would be okay if this war will last for a few weeks, or a few months maybe, but for a war that’s been there for now nearly six years, it means the paralysis of the society, and the paralysis of the state, and you won’t win the war if you have a paralyzed society. So, you need to have balance between the war and between the basic needs of the society, the university, and the services that you should offer to the people. That’s why it’s crucial to make that balance. So, that’s our point of view.”
a very strange position whereby the country’s safety and unity and integrity should have the priority over everything even over one’s own life

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