It is worthwhile reading Assad’d latest interview to the Pravda just to know where Syria positions itself from this ongoing struggle . Very strange statement made by the president especially in the first half of the interview , The Russian journalist was not complacent the least and challenged the president more than one time asking questions that we ourselves would have asked but that were never addressed directly to the president as far as we know . Al Assad insists on the international dimension of the Syrian struggle and finds that this war has 2 origins one of them is the Syrian /Iranian relations , and the other is the Syrian/ Russian relations and he gives more importance ti the second and states that it is Russia that is targeted in this war on Syria which is strange enough He Says answering a question about WWIII:
” President Assad: You have many stages in that regard, and Syria is one of these important stages. You see more escalation than before, but the whole issue is about keeping the hegemony of the Americans around the world, not allowing anyone to be partner on the political or international arena, whether Russia or even their allies in the West. So, this is the essence of this war that you described as third world war that exists, it is a world war, but it’s not military war. Part of it is military, part of it is terrorism and security, and the other part is political. So, you’re correct, but in a different way, not only about Syria; Syria is part of this war.”
Then he says again : ”
Then he said answering a question about why Syria is being targeted :
“…because Syria is the fault line between the different cultures in this region; whatever happens in Syria will influence the region, negatively and positively, so controlling Syria is very important. Although Syria is small, it’s very important to control the rest of the region. Second, Syria is an independent country, and the West doesn’t accept any independent country, whether Syria as a small country, or Russia as a great power. What’s their problem with Russia? Because you say “yes” and “no. You have to keep saying “yes.” That’s the problem with the West. So, that’s why Syria.”
In no place he mentions the real cause of the war which is that Syria that Syria is part of the` Axis of The`Resistance and is helping Hizbullah that defeated the World Order and defeated israel and the cause of this war is to relieve israel . NO WHERE THIS IS MENTIONED IN THE INTERVIEW.

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