Sayyed addressed the Syrian issue yesterday describing the situation and saying that the agreement with the US- regardless of the Resistance stand regarding this agreement – has failed .This means that the situation is heading to escalation and to more instability and chaos ; and Sayyed addressed the Syrian people- for the first time maybe- and it was as if this was the last card that is left for Syria because the political solution has failed and the battle cannot be won since the battle has been halted in favor of the political solution . When these two possibilities have been cancelled, and when the rule failed in saving the situation , there is one thing left which is the people that can make the difference. The people of Syria have not cleared and sorted out their choices it seems and for this reason Sayyed addresses them that they should sort out their choices and decide what Syria they want if they want any Syria , do they want to be on the side of chaos and destruction or they want to save their country?

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