Alhamdulillah wa bismillah
Assalamu alal Hussein
i will hint a two points first
regarding the massacre of San’aa’ that is part of the fierce war on Yemen
we need to stand in solidarity with the Yemenis and this will be the label of this Ashuraa’
to stand by Ansarullah and the Yemeni Army and we will raise the Yemeni flags and adopt the Yemeni slogans
we also salute the daring operation carried on by Misbah Abu Sbeih in al Qods . We stand in solidarity with his daughter Iman who was arrested only because she said she was proud of her father
we will speak about patience that breeds victory
we have two lives and this worldly life is a test
and it is for us to prove who is the best and this will decide for our fate here and in the hereafter
God has guided us and has sent his Prophets and showed us the Good and the Evil and showed us who our enemy is
and he said that He will test us in different fields
the duties which are the prayer , the fasting the sadaqa etc..
he will test us regarding the infractions like lying backstabbing etc…
and also he will bring hardships and he will see how we deal with these hardships
And also he bestows on us his graces and he will test us if we are thankful
Now, this is not paradise and man would have to toil to feed himself and his family and to survive and would have to sacrifice
there are obstacles and great challenges
in order to cross these challenges we need faith and unity and solidarity and effort but the most important thing is patience
God said resort to prayer and patience and this is difficult but for those who have faith
This means control and forbearance and capacity of assimilation
now this does not mean lethargy and inaction but means bearing of responsibilities
in 70 places the Koran deals with the Sabr patience
Patience is the essence of faith
patience within relation to faith is like the head in relation to the body
without patience everything will fall apart
patience makes one strong , patience forbearance and determination
forbearance makes up for the lack of intelligence even
20 patient fighters will win over two hundreds
patience gives man energy to continue the path and gives strength and resilience and prevent us from collapsing
there is no victory without Sabr , it is thanks to Sabr that the Resistance won , they showed patience before difficulties
patience breeds success
patience also makes the challenges easier
This is regarding this worldly existence, as for the hereafter because those who show patience will be rewarded with no limits
Imam al Sadeq said that in the day of judgement where there is no room for falsity the patient ones will be given their due and they will be rewarded without restrictions
to show patience in obedience and in the disobedience and before calamities
in obedience in prayer and in fasting and in carrying on religious ordinances etc…
in disobedience , patience will help get over disobedience
if one is doing all this for the sake of God then one will be rewarded
to show patience regarding the forbidden things is highly rewarded
and in order not to be driven by anger one needs patience and it is the best patience that is shown towards the forbidden things and anger
Not all calamities are the same, and patience is in proportion to the calamity, the greater the calamity the greater the Sabr like in Karbalaa’
from where can we get this Sabr . We have to ask God who is benevolent and God has promised us and said that God is with the Sabireen
Who shows patience God will help him grow in patience
to those who say when there is a calamity we are from God and to God shall we return
we are from God because we owe Him everything and to God we shall return
those who call on God when they go through a difficulty God will pray to them and will have mercy on them and He will guide them
also when we show obedience to God , the obedient will show patience and those who have committed the forbidden if they call on God , God will answer their call
those who long for God and those who want to avoid hell and those who are not attached to this worldly life will be answered
this worldly existence is limited , so if we lose something we can show patience
whether patient or impatient this will not change the course of things and we will not be rewarded neither here nor in the hereafter if we show impatience
we are responsible and in these times the duties are many
As for the forbidden things i don’t think that there were ever times where the forbidden things were so available, and times will come when to commit oneself to one’s religion will be like holding embers said the Rasul
and Never Iblis had so many ways and means
and also the wars and the fitna and besieging and starving people
in these difficult times we need patience to make life possible

Promiscuity is also one of the main problems
and this is even found in the religiously committed community
this will lead to muharramat
problems will build up and lead to divorce or separation and may lead to extra marital relations and illicit relations that will lead even to murder
this is a foggy place where the licit and illicit are not demarcated
this closeness between genders is not safe
we need to safeguard purity
because Iblis personally will come when a man is alone with a woman
we should avoid these things that great and wise people succumbed to
we should close the door to corruption and there are so many cases of divorce
why , there is not one cause but this is one of the causes
when Imam al Hussein said that someone like myself cannot recognize the rule of Yazeed , and this is when the challenge started
And this was said in the broad light that is why Yazeed sent people to kill him even if he was holding on to the Ka’ba
All this was faced with Sabr
someone said that Sayyeda Zeinab when this happened took off her hijab and opened her dress
Could this have happened , could Zeinab have done this ?
why are they exposing ahlulbayt ?
and even in Karbalaa’ they are figuring ‘Ali as an animal
why they do this and why this lack of dignity
why are they showing people handcuffed and humiliated and tied with chains ?
Who are they who expose Religion and why don’t we see them when they are needed ?
Karbalaa’ is patience , is beautiful dignified patience
Assalamu alal Hussein


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