President Ahmadinijad has inaugurated” the Islamic Awakening Conferenece for Women” held for two days in Teheran . The president of Iran started by saying that man on Earth is looking for a dignified life, which is the purpose that God has created him for; because God in his creation has sought the elevation of man to the values of Godliness , for which dignity is an essential feature. This dignity of Man can not be obtained except through justice. The World Order has committed the greatest sin by trying to destroy human nature, and this by waging all kind of wars everywhere for this purpose.

What we are witnessing on behalf of the World Order -added the president- has no par in history, because even Pharoahs- in their utmost power- could not reach beyond a certain limit. Their repression therefore was restricted and limted to a defined area. Man has been born to achieve the highest of goals, and what we witness -instead- is Man being victim of a great oppression. Just look at countries trying to achieve some autonomy, how – because of this- they have the whole world rallying against them, including the United Nations, and the World Order would seek their destruction. This state of things can not last, and should change definitely, and there is no way to change it except through awakening.

This awakening is the starting point. Awakening to one’s reality and to the nessecity of reform. For this God has sent Islam to all people. Islam is a religion for all, it includes everybody and is not restricted to Muslims. It addresses all; Hindus, Buddhists, and all. What the World Order has done is against Godliness and this Godliness should be retrieved, and this is what we mean by awakening and by reform. It is for human beings to go back to their Godly nature, because what the World Order has done is to impose other values; to change the values of life into different ones .

For God, the best people are those who are most God fearing, are those who sacrifice, who give more, whereas, the values of the World Order are that of power, greed, and money. It is those who have more money and more weapons who are imposing their values. This awakening to the reality and the essence of Islam is for all people, all the ones who care for humanity and who love humanity. But why to start with women? Women and men are equal, they only have different roles in society. But women are more important than men and their role is greater, and that is why God has created women with special capacities and gave them graeter responsibilities, because it is in women that life starts, and nothing can change in this world without women willing to operate this change.

Nothing can change without women’s will. And why God has given this responsibility of reforming life to women? It is beause women’s heart is the place where love and mercy can grow. For this reason when the Devil wants to target a society and disturb its life, he starts by targeting women. Look what western societies has done to women; they changed them into something else and interfered with their life in a way that was not good for them, and women ended up suffering .

When people will decide to reform themselves and to reform the world, and when they will try to spread justice, God will send someone who will embody all the divine qualities, someone like our Holy Prophet , to lead them and to enlighten them. Our purpose is to lend our hand to all, all people, Asians, Americans, and Africans, for we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to nationalities or nations or limited countries, but we are to spread our message to all. I say that Israel and the United States will be defeated. You should have no doubt about that, and that justice shall prevail and pervade all

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