Where is this US versus Russian mobilization taking place pray ? They are hammering it over our heads that the US is challenging Russia , and now even China has joined the chorus and asking all to get prepared for the coming WWIII. And Lavrov is delivering statement after statement saying that Russia is under threat , really? What kind of war is this where nobody is dying ? Where is the Russian that has died or the American that was killed ? Or the Chinese ? Why no one is dying in this presumed war while Yemenis are dying by thousands and Syrians are dying and Iraqis and Palestinians are dying and being killed everyday by the usurper.

Where is this US / Russian alignment taking place and where is this presumed war happening ? It is happening only in the minds of the deluded ones . And, while the Syrians and Iraqis and Yemenis are paying their lives, the world is busy with the Russian / US controversy that is only for Media consumption and for hiding the real event , the people are sacrificing their lives and their security and are being killed and displaced , this is what the two belligerents have agreed upon, that the peoples pay with their lives their apparent differences .


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