This so called activist speaks about Islam being an enemy number one , she speaks about radical Islam being an enemy . And what is radical Islam and whom does it include we don’t know . The west uses this terminology that is not clear . Is Hizbullah or Iran radical Islam or HAMAS ? Do they know what is Islam in the first place to speak about radical Islam? Are they promoting thus what is called moderate Islam , and what is moderate Islam finally but the Islam that pacifies Israel?

Do they know that Erdogan is NOT a Muslim Brother and that the Muslim Brothers of Turkey are not the AKP but the Saadet _ Felicity Party – founded by Necmeddin Erbakan? What do they know about Islam and what is radical Islam ? In all cases , whether radical or not, Islam is never the cause of our plight , not even Wahabism and definitely not the Muslim Brothers are the cause of our plight , the cause of our plight is not Islam – be it radical or not- but it is the way ignorance of Islam is being used and exploited by the predator and used as a weapon . The cause of our plight is the western colonialism that seeks to expand and take more land and kill more people , and for this it will use Islam and use any Religion . They used Judaism to carry on their colonial endeavor and created the usurping state of israel and turned it into a homeland for Zionist Jews after expelling and genociding the Palestinians , and now they use Islam to continue their scheme of usurp and genocide, and they call the Islamic state ISIS and it is not the creation of any Islam , it is the creation of the western predator and their Intelligence Services that put together such a lethal weapon called Terror and attributed it to the Religion and the people .

There is nothing wrong with Islam, but everything is wrong with the colonialist . It is not Islam that is behind Libya and Iraq and Syria . And it is not Islam that is behind Yemen , it is the colonialist that is behind all this . It is the colonialist that usurped Palestine and occupied Iraq and waged war on Iran and is destroying now Syria and Libya , it is the colonialist proxy armies and not Islam that are doing this . Colonialists and their local and regional clientele are not only supporting Terror – that the so called activist calls radical Islam – for they have created Terror , they are the creators and authors of Terror, and Terror bears their marks of Hiroshima and Vietnam and Palestine and these are not the marks of Islam . These so called activists should be exposed for what they are , for hiding the real predator and the real culprit and blame it on the people and their Religion and culture so that they be able to target these people in their Religion and culture .


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