Ban Ki Moon will certainly be missed not by us but by the World Order, and now he will have secured his future as a politician in south Korea and secured the World Order schemes and conspiracies by taking them to their final goals . Ban who did not know that Lebanon was placed on the Mediterranean, and thought that the sea he saw from his Beirut hotel room was the Atlantic, headed the UN at times that were very critical . And maybe the World Order intentionally put Ban at the head of the UN in these critical times to make things easier and have them run smoothly without causing too much trouble for the super powers .

Thus, Ban let Libya happen and Syria and Yemen and Gaza and allowed people to be killed and slaughtered by hundred thousands, and countries to be destroyed and millions to be displaced and killed and abducted and drowned and famished . Not only he did not lift a finger but also he cooperated fully to have the World Order schemes become fulfilled . Every thing he was ordered by the World Order Ban Ki Moon did, and never was the UN so much complacent to the World Order conspiracies, and cooperating fully – at all levels- to the point of protecting thugs and sending them weapons on board of UN vehicles , and hosting terrorists in the locals of the UN, not to forget the last initiative by de Mistura to help the thugs of ISIS out of Aleppo for fear that they will suffer under the siege .

The UN is really sponsor of Terror and no one can deny this and sides with terrorists against legal and legitimate governments and against civilians . This is the role of the UN in serving the World Order purposes, and this will not change with or without Ban, and the new general secretary- a Portuguese called Antonio Guterres that was PM of his country – must have the same characteristics that made him qualify for the position . Still Ban ki Moon will be remembered for giving license to one of the bloodiest periods of history. The question is: how long can an organization last that fulfills purposes adverse to the goals that it set to itself ?.

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