Maybe it is high time for us to awaken to the kind of trick we are being subject to and to the World Order set up that is being prepared for Syria by the super powers and the UN . This poisoned meal is being served in little portions so that we miss the whole picture .

This is to say East Aleppo was totally under siege by the forces of the Resistance when the US and Russia decided to carry on their agreement over Aleppo which required a cease fire and the withdrawal of the parties engaged in battle few km away from the Ramousseh and the Castello , and the introduction of human aid to the eastern part . The forces of the Resistance were seeking an unconditional surrender of the thugs of the opposition from east Aleppo after running short of weapons and supplies . There are – according to estimates – between 18 thousand and 20 thousand thugs in Aleppo belonging to several factions maybe 20 or so, and- in order to spare the lives of civilians – tightening the siege on the thugs was thought to be the best way to have them surrender without exposing the 200 thousand civilians that populate the east part.

The terrorist thugs did not commit themselves to the agreement and the UN trucks that CARRIED AID WERE LOADED WITH WEAPONS. . At the same time the cease fire was implemented , the US airforce raided the Syrian army killing one hundred soldiers in Deir Ezzur, and destroyed 4 bridges in the area and raided Aleppo killing dozens of civilians . The cease fire – that was not meant to last – collapsed, and the siege was again imposed even though sources say that the agreement was only intentionally suspended to after the US presidential elections .

This is when the UN stepped in to save the situation with de Mistura inviting the al Nusrat to withdraw from Aleppo with their weapons under UN custody and relocate to Idlib . De Mistura says that al Nusrat has 900 members in east Aleppo from the 8000 thugs that are present there- according to him – and he is lying because – previously- he had said that the al Nusrat form half the number of armed opposition in Aleppo which makes their number at least 4 thousands according to his own estimates , and not 900. Now, the Russians have endorsed the UN proposition and want to convince Assad to accept that 900 terrorist thugs from al Nusrat withdraw with their weapons to Idlib under UN protection on condition that the thousands of thugs that will remain in east Aleppo will separate from al Nusrat and will be considered moderate opposition and will no more be targeted . Sources say that the 7 thousand thugs according to de Mistura’s estimates – but who are much more than that – will be granted self administration in east Aleppo . This is where the Russians are implementing – to the letter- the US scheme of partition and sharing the rule and the territory with terrorist thugs, and this will become a reality in Aleppo after becoming a reality in the north of Syria where Turkey has occupied one thousand km2 of Syrian land upon Russian invitation .

At the same time, and in order to pressure Syria , France steps in to call for a UNSC Resolution to impose a no fly zone over Aleppo and the compelling introduction of ” humanitarian aid” to the eastern part. A resolution that Russia considers unfair . Now , in order to avoid the no fly zone Resolution that might extend to the whole of Syria , the Syrian rule will be forced to accept the Russian proposal to let al Nusrat out of Aleppo and consider the rest of the thugs as moderate opposition who have the right to stay SAFE in the eastern part .provided they commit themselves in writing to the separation from al Nusrat The same thing happened when Syria `was forced – through Russia- to relinquish its chemical arsenal in order to avoid direct US~ strikes on Syria . The scenario is repeating itself now where Syria has to choose between two evils . And already Assad is preparing the ground for this concession by saying that Russia wants to avoid at any price a direct confrontation with US as if this was going to happen .

To those who still think that the Russian military presence in Syria is for the protection of Syria, let them ponder over this situation whereby the Russian Douma has today voted for the extension for one more year to the Russian military presence in Syria .Remains to know what is your opinion about all this .


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