The Forces of the Resistance maybe expected from Bashshar al Assad to develop his own Resistance and to put the Syrian people in charge of` defending their country against the terrorist attacks with whatever they’ve got , and this like any people who are subject to a foreign attack and who developed their own Resistance ; like the Iranians did when they were attacked after the Revolution , and like the Yemenis are actually doing. And the forces of the Resistance of Hizbullah and Iran would have helped the people grow into a real Resistance . But this did not happen in Syria, and the forces of the Resistance cannot replace the Syrians themselves in this endeavor even if they fight and offer sacrifices , it is up to the Syrians to defend their country and no one can replace them , and it is for them to reap the reward and merit of such an action .

Bashshar al Assad had declined the offer made by General Suleimani to put his family in security in Iran and engage together in the battle of Syria. The president of Syria did not want any of this, and the Syrian Army that offered sacrifices was not up to the challenge , there were too much massacres and slaughters that touched even the Army, and the people were left unprotected and totally exposed . Whether in Ladikiyya or in Homs or in Idlib or in Tadmur or ‘Adra, many massacres happened and people were killed and abducted and are still missing by thousands. Millions were also displaced . All these sacrifices did not lead to the birth of an independent reliable Resistance of the people which is a real waste .

Thus , the people were not entrusted with the mission to defend their country . The Russians were summoned instead to carry on the task . They came with their airforce to fight Terror that they have themselves brought to Syria among others . Can the Russians defend Syria and protect it? Can they replace the Syrians in this ? The answer is all around you in Syria .


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