Shocking statement indeed on behalf of the president of Syria when he says:” While thanking Iran for its contribution to Syria’s resistance in the face of terror, the Syrian head of state also said that, “Now, Syria has turned into the epicenter of the fight against terrorism in the world. What is happening in Syria today would impact the world’s political map.”

One wonders if this a source of pride or if this is an achievement of any kind that Syria `has become the epicenter of the fight against terrorism in the world . Who would want one’s country to become to epicenter of the fight against Terror and what is there to boast about ? And even if the world map is being decided in Syria , how is Syria benefiting from this ? This Fight of Terror Syria should have avoided by all means and concentrate only on liberating the israeli occupied territory of the Golan Heights . Is Syria a super power in order to be the Epicenter of the war any war And is internationalizing the struggle something that the president of Syria should boast about ?

Not even Hizbullah with all his might and glory says that he is the epicenter of the war against israel . On the contrary the Resistance does not want Lebanon to become the central front of the confrontation with israel but restricts itself to defending Lebanon and warding off any attack on Lebanon .

Who gave Assad this assignment to turn his country into a field of confrontation with Terrorist proxy armies? This is illogical and a mistake and unpractical and a set up that the president of Syria fell into and is not able to get out from . This is a world Conspiracy to fight Terror that is only a tool and an extension that is disposable and replaceable endlessly in a war that escalates every day .

Syria should get out as soon as possible from this tug of war and refuse this world order assignment of fighting Terror that was assigned through the Russian belligerent to sacrifice Syrian lives endlessly and cause their displacement by millions and the destruction of their homes and the infiltration of their society and the endangerment of their future . This is indeed very sad and disturbing . Syria is not in the best hands for sure! The Syrians have to awaken to the fact that they are not ruled by logic and by down to earth thinking but by lofty ideals that are in no way capable of leading the country to the safe shore!


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