The Syrian Society is a special case , a very special case . And while we thought that the Resistance -with everything the Resistance represents – will be able to inspire the Syrian society as it inspired the Lebanese society and other societies as well , we have to admit that this did not happen in Syria and Syria resisted any change in this direction .

The Syrians – as a people- do not lack patriotic feelings , their curse though might be that they are neighbors to Lebanon and Lebanon is very much westernized and infiltrated by western ideas, and it is a small country much smaller than Syria , but more things happened in Lebanon , like the glorious Lebanese Resistance , and Syria- in a way – was always feeling that it was lagging behind and trying in vain to catch up with the events .

This is to say that Lebanon and Syria are like one country, they are like twin brothers at odds with one another . Many Syrians maybe – especially among the middle class youth and intellectuals – felt alienated regarding the westernized Lebanese society , that is why when the conspiracy started in Syria , and when the NGOs – affiliated to embassies- started mobilizing all kinds of people in order to prepare the ground for the coming NATO assault , they found an environment thirsty for westernization and recognition and hungry for money .

This environment was the ideal environment for dubious NGOs to grow and recruit thousands of Syrians who worked from Syria and from Lebanon in preparation for the assault . Their numbers exceeded all expectations and hundreds of them were seen in the coffee shops of Beirut gathering and waiting for some assignment . . It was shocking also to see their numbers growing as time passed and as the situation escalated .

There is more than one reason behind this phenomenon , namely that Syria has been somehow kept in a limbo situation under the Assad’ s rule – unable to move in either way: neither towards peace with israel , nor towards building one’s own Resistance to free the occupied territory . Syria was waiting for the international circumstance to become adequate to start progressing on this front of retrieving the Golan Heights, and reach a settlement of some sort through negotiations . Armed Resistance was ruled out totally, and investing in the Lebanese Resistance rather than developing one’s own Resistance was the choice .

This condition left the Syrians almost totally lost in the middle of nowhere- they were not for the Resistance to the point of developing their own , and were not against it to the point of pacifying with israel and recognizing the usurping state as other countries did .

This situation would have been acceptable somehow hadn’t it been for the corruption that had eaten up the society and had worked deep in it, and for the oppression and absence of freedom and civil liberties . This corruption had the greatest effect on the Syrians and they felt that they were ripped off their resources and off their freedom and wanted to make up for these 2 losses at any price . This is why they fell in the arms of the dubious NGOs who paid them in dollars, and gave them this space of freedom they thought they were missing at the price of their own country and people .

No doubt that the biggest blame falls on the rule for not getting its act together and drawing near the people and catering to their needs, and meeting their demands of freedom , and answering their call for participating- one way or another- in the rule and exercise their right of choosing their ruler . The Syrians were deprived of all this , and the gap grew wider between them and the rule to the point that they became estranged in their own land and exiled on their own soil. No wander that they packed and left the minute they were asked to , and came by millions to Lebanon and Turkey pushed by bribes and serving an agenda of some sort that sought to destabilize Lebanon . And no wander that they boarded the boats of death where they drowned together with their family members while trying to cross to Europe .

This is to say that the Syrians do not lack loyalty, nor do they lack courage, and they have in their history what speaks for this , and they would have served well their country in a Resistance endeavor that would involve all and mobilize all and employ the capacities and potentials of the country that are huge. And instead of accommodating Russians and courting Russians and serving a drink here and a drink there to some wandering Russian in the bars and pubs of Damascus, we would have had an incomparable Army of Syrians that will make the enemy tremble and shiver .

The first step has been taken , and the Lebanese Resistance is a live example ; and had we – from the beginning- invested in the Syrians and in their potential , and entrusted them with their country, and built this bridge of trust between the Syrians and the rule, we would have adopted the Resistance and embraced this Resistance and hosted and welcomed the Resistance instead of hosting and praising the Russian belligerent . And we would have also celebrated a real victory everywhere in Syria and not just an aborted one in the narrow streets of Damascus .

Everything that is not Resistance of the people by the people is a waste of time and energy, and will cause,severe losses in precious lives with no gain , and will end up in utter destruction of the country and the society ; and this is the lesson that we should learn from Syria. Resistance of the people by the people through armed struggle is the boat that will take all to the safe shore, and it is not too late. Wake up Syria!.

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