These people are not wasting their time , they want to do their assignment and need help . They are simply spies , and what they do is spy on others and get rewarded . This same person years ago used to follow my posts very closely and also used to comment on them and now he needs someone to help him have access to my posts for fun he says . No one has volunteered yet even though he is surrounded by many people among them notorious Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley , the two stars of activism whose support for Assad exceeds that of the Ba’athists themselves . And you should hear them denouncing the terrorist thugs of the opposition and praising the Syrian Army , one would think all this to be true and would tend to admire such activists who spread the word about Syria. But this is not the case and – whether Bartlett or Beeley- despite the fact that they are` so eloquent when speaking about Syria , they are easily caught because all one needs is to bring up HAMAS and the Muslim Brothers to get the desired reaction and to find out what is the agenda of those people that is totally anti armed Resistance and anti Islam .This not to speak of the fact that they move around someone like Navid Nasr , the last person on earth to be qualified to deal with human issues . As for people like Maha Tannous or Jonathan Azaziah , there is no need to mention them , one is FBI agent and the other is Zionist agent hiding his Jewish identity from all.

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