al Mu’allem says many things in his interview on al Mayadeen , first that the Russian / US agreement is not dead yet and there are still talks between Lavrov and Kerry . Al Mu’allem added that if separating the moderate thugs from al Nusrat is so difficult why did US commit itself to it? Al Mu’allem added that the US intentionally raided the Syrian Army in Deir Ezzur in a strike that lasted 50 minutes . After one hour came ISIS to take over the Jebel al Tharda , and then the US defected from the understanding . The minister added that it is US and Britain and France who wanted the UNSC to meet in order to protect the terrorist groups. Al Mu’allem said that it is US that is leading the conspiracy against Syria together with regional countries like Turkey who is letting in thugs and weapons, and Turkey is enemy to Syria and is occupying Syrian land .

As for de Mistura , al Mu’allem said that he has been deferring endlessly the negotiations with the opposition and that he- al Mu’allem – refused to meet Ban ki Moon because he is attacking Syria in order to please the US and secure his political future in south Korea. The minister added that he is with the formation of a broad government , and to write a new constitution for Syria that will be subject to a referendum, after which parliamentary elections will take place . As for the presidency , it is up to the Syrians to decide who will be president . Al Mu’allem added that israel is trying to create a security zone in the Golan Heights like the one it created in south Lebanon previously and is offering help and support to the terrorists and wants the Syrian plight to last forever in order drain the country .


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