Bashar Jaafari: Damascus Ready to Find Solution to Syria Crisis

Bashshar Al Ja’fari warns the UN about Chemical attacks in Syria on behalf of thugs who will use white phosphorous, and warns that certain armed terrorist factions are in possession of this toxic material. Al Ja’fari also said that Aleppo shall be totally retrieved, and added that as US has one capital, Syria has two capitals and Aleppo is one of them .This sharp tone has been adopted lately by the Syrian rule whereby Russia is preparing itself to take a radical stand and to lead the battle of Aleppo instead of the forces of the Resistance for which Russia and US are staging at the UN these differences between them . This is how one of the local Newspaper carried today a headline that says : US and Russia both agreed on opposing one another .

This is to say that Syria has been subject to more than a chemical attack in Khan al ‘Assal and al Ghouta of Damascus- in year 2013- that were a set up arranged by israel and the World Order through Russia, and coordinated with the armed factions, according to which the terrorist groups will attack Syrians with chemicals and will accuse the Syrian Army of these attacks.

According to israeli sources, Russia was assigned by israel the task of dispossessing Syria off its chemical arsenal which Russia achieved successfully in 2013 , and the whole thing was coordinated – on one hand- with US who threatened Syria with air raids and – on the other – with the armed factions who obtained the chemicals through Turkey.. Russia never showed the evidence that Russia said it got , and that proved that the Syrian Army never launched such attacks , Russia said that it had delivered this evidence to the UN that were never seen or published .

The 2013 attacks by Chemicals of which Syria had warned the UN lead to the loss of an important strategic weapon that israel feared, to what kind of loss or concession will lead the eventual attacks with white phosphorous in case they happen?


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