Syria will be taken like Palestine was taken unless we are aware of the whole scheme that they are delivering to us. There is no moderate opposition, and all the terrorists are backed and sponsored by US and- yesterday- US rushed to save ISIS in Deir al Zur killing one hundred Syrian soldiers . And now, the thugs are mobilizing their forces in Aleppo preparing themselves for a big assault that can happen anytime.

Rumors are circulating that the secret agreement is not to the advantage of the terrorist thugs, and that the Russian / US joint mission is not approved by the Pentagon . This is all to make us lose the focus. There is no moderate opposition and this is a big lie . How could there be moderate terrorists? The terrorists are all created , monitored and supplied by the US, and they come under different names but they are one, and setting one group of terrorists against the other is in order to cause more destruction in Syria and more chaos .

To stop Terror there is need to watch the borders and stop the arming and the funding of the thugs . There be will no thugs left in Syria the minute the funding stops . Huge amounts of oil money are being channeled that are beyond description . There is need to track the money and stop sending weapons . The most evolved weapons are reaching the thugs including tanks and anti aircraft missiles and the most sophisticated equipment , and the goal is not to fight Terror .

Is a fool who thinks that US wants to fight Terror or Russia who sent thousands of terrorists to Syria. They will not fight Terror, but they will destroy Syria while pretending to fight Terror. And they will displace and kill more Syrians while pretending to negotiate . It is Russia that is holding this lie together and giving credibility to liars . Weren’t it for Russia that is sponsoring this agreement , there is no way this agreement could stand or last .

The Syrians are being taken to their immolation and death, either under terrorist fire or in the depths of the Mediterranean while forced to cross to Europe on inflatable boats. The Syrian rule is not able to help anyone, and the Syrians have been erased from the equation while the rule is reaching to the World Order thinking that it could save itself .

This war is not against the rule as much as it is against the people. The Syrians are left alone with no one to refer to , no guidance and no true leadership . If the Syrians do not grow aware of the situation they will become like Palestinians , they will be homeless without a country and will suffer like Palestinians with no one to turn to . The wise among Syrians- if there is anything like this- should get their act together and save what remains of their country . They cannot rely on Russia who is fulfilling the World agenda, , but they will be supported by Iran and Hizbullah, and they do not need to enter in conflict with the rule or become at odds with the government. This is not what is required , but they need to start their own genuine independent Resistance and impose it as a right for them to preserve their country and land .

Where are the Syrians who want to save Syria ? Who want Syria integral and independent and not affiliated to anyone , who want their rights restored and their country preserved ? Why aren’t we hearing those Syrians and what happened to them?


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