Defending Syria in many respects has become keeping Assad in position rather than keeping Syria safe. This thing has had dreadful consequences on the whole country . The great absent from this deal and all deals are the Syrian people themselves who were prevented – by the Syrian rule- from having their say in the matter and from assuming their role also.

Where are the Syrians from all this we should ask , and where is their right to `defend themselves and defend their country? Why were they left unprotected in most cases and exposed to massacres and slaughters and abduction when the Syrian rule could not protect them? Why didn’t the rule allow them to protect themselves and helped them build their own Resistance? When their children were threatened and their lives also why weren’t they helped ?

The Syrians – as a people- were totally kept out of the equation and their voice was not heard in favor of the rule’s official narrative . A country where a whole people have no choice but to stick to the rule when the rule failed them and could not protect them and did not give them the right to defend themselves .

There is something particular about this war that is shocking .The fact that the Syrian people -who are the target of this war- were totally ruled out . No one has the right to do this. The Syrians, and as a result of being subject to this kind of oppressive rule for so many years, have stopped identifying with their country and their homeland. They have become homeless so to speak, and are either fleeing their country or have joined thugs, or have become totally unrelated trying to find an artificial way of living as an escape . They are joining NGOs and turning into thugs and hosting terrorists and destroying their country with their own hands and would even face death to get a ticket with no return to foreign countries . All this because the rule has sanctioned all freedom .

This is to say that the task of defending one’s country falls to the people and to no one else , not even to the Resistance forces from other countries fighting on the ground . These forces can help the people build their Resistance but cannot replace them and do the work in their place .

Our call to the Syrian people is to shake off this subjugation that has lasted too long , and to take the initiative and claim and activate their right to defend their land and to affirm their priority over others to defend what is theirs, and not to rely on alien forces – like Russia- but on themselves, and on their brothers of the Resistance to support them and second them . Syria does not belong to Assad, and Assad is not Syria . Syria belongs to the Syrians and to no one else, and no one but the Syrians can save Syria . The mere act of Resistance will preserve the country and the people .


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