The Forces of the Resistance have warded off this Sunday an attack by 1500 thugs of the opposition directly monitored by israel, and made of several terrorist factions mainly al Nusrat and Ahrar al Sham and others in an attack that carried the name of Kadisiyyat al Janoub.. The attack backed by israel who used its airforce in the Syrian skies sought to expand the security zone that israel has created for itself in the Golan Heights , and that stretches to at least 75 km and 10 km in depth and include 120 Syrian villages whose inhabitants are recruited most of the times by the thugs. The factions wanted to link the vicinity of Dar’a to that of al Qunaitra and cut the road to Damascus. The attempt was defeated and only one position was taken near the City of Ba’ath ; the operation cost the thugs 100 deaths and 400 injured .

The article of al Safir says that the heavy presence of the israeli airforce prevented the Syrian airforce from sharing and striking, and that the Syrian radars were turned off so that they are not detected by the enemy . This raises many questions as to the Russian / israeli coordination according to which the Russian headquarters must be informed in advance about any mission that the israeli airforce intends to carry on in Syria to avoid collision with the Russian airforce as . revealed . Were the Russians informed of the israeli violations in the south and let it happen, and has Syria become part of the coordination whereby it did not use its airforce for fear of collision ? Why after 2 days Syria launched its missiles in the south that missed the israeli planes – according to israel? What did`Syria want to prove by doing this ?


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