More than 4000 hours of work and coming in 150 pages is the US / Russian agreement about Syria as revealed by the Radio of the Resistance . it must be nicely packed to have taken so long. And while we were busy tightening the siege on Aleppo, the world powers were not wasting their time .150 pages could be a constitution, and this has been written probably in the absence Syria and without Syria’s allies, between the 2 belligerents. Something that reminds us of the Balfour treaty done in secret that delivered Palestine to the Zionist Jews . To whom would Syria be delivered ?

What we know of the agreement is practically nothing . Maybe one page of the 150 pages : the transitional period , the new government , the distribution of ministries , the constitution , the legislative and presidential elections monitored by the International Community . Also we know the conditions of the truce: the withdrawal of the Syrian Army from the Castello, and the introduction of aid to Aleppo that will not be searched . But we are not supposed to worry – according to some – but should trust fully in Russia who is representing and defending our interests .

The hidden clauses might be the 149 pages that remain unknown but which content we can guess from previous leaks . The below text shows a sample of what is being cooked whereby the Joint Implementation Group made of Russia and USA after dislodging al Nusrat from its strongholds will not hand in these areas to the Syrian Army because such an army is too weak and not reliable , this is why these strongholds will be handed to the moderate opposition .. The Syrian artillery would be silenced . The Resistance called the Shi’ite militia does not seem to have any role in Syria. The leak Says :

” While “destroying” groups like JN and ISIS, halting the regime’s continued barrel bombing of opposition areas, and preventing its repeated use of chlorine gas would certainly be welcome, it is unclear how these measures would turn the cessation of hostilities into a true ceasefire. The most destructive operations that the regime, its Shiite militia allies, and Russian forces have launched against the opposition are artillery strikes. Such attacks are not included in the current TOR ( TERMS OF REFERENCE) , however, allowing regime and allied ground operations to continue unabated.

” Therefore, in the wake of possible U.S.-Russian operations to destroy JN, Bashar al-Assad’s forces would presumably be in the best position to retake the group’s former areas of control. Yet given the regime’s lack of reliable manpower and proven inability to hold territory, these areas would quickly return to a state of extremist-led insurgency. To avoid this scenario, the TOR should be expanded to halt regime artillery and ground operations while U.S.-backed “moderate” rebels take up former JN positions. Otherwise, the agreement will simply be a fig leaf to cover a regime “victory” in the northwest, which would simply generate further waves of extremist opposition.”

This is a sample of what we have been offered and this is maybe why we are being offered victories against israel that are fictitious and that will keep us busy while the poisonous dish is being cooked…/closing-loopholes-in-t…

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