The Era of Revolution is closed for Egypt, and Egypt will not witness any revolution soon according to sources . After two aborted attempts in 2011 and 2013, the Egyptians have been inculcated a lesson that they are not supposed to forget nor are they close to forget . They have aborted their own Revolution with their own hands, and brought Mubarak’s chief of Intelligence- Field Marshall al Sisi – to rule them- backed by the Saudis- and to continue on the same path justifying his rule by the need to fight fanatic Islam in the Form of Muslim Brothers and Terror that has spread in Sinai .

The reason – behind this – is the deep infiltration that the Egyptian society has been subject to , on behalf of alien forces that used the youth , the students , the intellectuals , the Media and the social media to abort the due Egyptian Revolution after so many years of corrupt and unjust rule. As a result, the Mubarak’s rule- that was corrupt to the bone- and Mubarak himself evaded with no impunity, and al Sisi resumed as if nothing happened the path of his predecessor .

All the wrong done to the country was attributed to Morsi who ruled less than a year and was not empowered, and who was then arrested and tried and sentenced to life with hundreds of other Muslim Brothers while Mubarak with his billions is enjoying his retirement by the sea in Sinai. Al Sisi who seeks warm relations with israel and who is besieging Gaza after flooding all Gaza’s tunnels with sewers water, has delivered – upon israel’s request- 2 Egyptian islands to KSA that were part of the 1978 Camp David agreement. He is also strongly backing Mohammad Dahlan to take over from Mahmoud Abbas as per the Saudi / World Order agenda. What empowered al Sisi is the support he got from the Syrian rule and the parallel drawn between the Egyptian and the Syrian armies – according to the Russian agenda- even if the first is pacifying with israel, and the second at war with israel.

Now, the Egyptians have to settle for al Sisi whose coup was endorsed by 33 million Egyptians – as affirmed – who gathered in the Tahrir Square manipulated by foreign affiliated NGO’s- on June the 30th – to end the Muslim Brothers’ rule which they succeeded in doing. The situation of the country has not improved though , nor the living conditions of the Egyptians . Al Sisi has almost sold the country to the World Bank, and his popularity is on the decrease, as he has been infringing on the freedom of the Egyptians, and abusing their right to demonstrate and rally and punishing them with arrest and prison sentences , Despite all this, the change is not likely to come from any place unless a miracle happens.

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