totally besides the point, calling for resolutions on behalf of Russia is not in order to stop the war but in order to consecrate a reality on the ground whereby terrorist thugs would have a say on the ground a share in the territory and in the rule and in order to deserve this they will have to be considered a moderate opposition in accordance with the US agenda . This is not the settlement the forces of the Resistance are seeking . It is true that the leader of the Resistance called the Syrian opposition to come to terms with the Syrian rule on many instances in order to avoid the armed conflict , but this was addressed to the opposition not to the armed thugs . Iran would not accept any settlement with armed thugs as voiced many time by the Iranian officials, but only with the opposition that did not involve in acts of war . So, to establish the comparison with the Resistance stand and Iranian stand – on one hand – regarding the armless opposition, and between Putin’s stand of reconciling and addressing the thugs with respect as the writer says is totally out of place . Whether the Resistance or Iran, they seek to finalize the battle with the thugs and to achieve victory over them on the ground and only to pacify the peaceful opposition that has not taken arms . What this Azaziah says is totally out of place and this comparison does not stand . This is a total distortion of the Resistance stand

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