The Two main points that the forces of the Resistance are not ready to compromise over are loosening the siege and accept a truce that will halt all battles before east Aleppo is cleansed n . The US think they are masters on the ground because they have a party in Syria itself that is seeking a compromise out of this situation and this party is non other than the Syrian rule itself . This is what makes the task much more difficult for the Resistance, and this why US feels it has the right to have a say on the ground in Syria and in Aleppo precisely . If we compare this with the Yemeni situation , the Ansarullah have a free say and a freedom of movement which the forces of the Resistance do not have in Syria because the Yemenis are operating in a free healthy environment where the enemy is well defined and known and where there is no compromise with the enemy while the forces of the Resistance are operating in an environment where they are checked and restrained and their movement restricted .

The battle of Aleppo was resumed after many failures that the Syrian rule should be blamed for and the US conditions are beyond expectations and they include: Halting the battles all over Syria , and introducing aid and delivering the Castello road to an unknown third party and for the Army to withdraw its heavy weapons and for the Syrian airforce to remain grounded after which the joint Russian / US military air strikes will start over Syria . This does not suit the forces of the Resistance who want to tighten the siege on Aleppo until the thugs surrender and evacuate the same way they evacuated in Darayya.

The conditions now are favorable to the Resistance, and the losses of the thugs are unimaginable in lives and in equipment and in spirit and they were defeated at all these levels . The planes were pounding their arsenals non stop and of course the Russian airforce was there because the Russian cannot but share in this achievement that they will have the right to claim and ask for their share in return.
This is to say that the forces of the Resistance are not ready now to sacrifice their achievements for the US to implement its agenda.


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