Iran seems not to be able to digest the Grozny Islamic Conference arrangements regarding Saudi Arabia that came up with nothing and did not even mention Saudi Arabia, restricting itself to saying that Wahabism is not part of Sunni Islam ignoring what the Saudi kingdom is committing in terms of implementing the Wahabi rule by acting criminally regarding other countries . The disaster of Mina was not brought up even by the Conference that took the lives of 7 thousands pilgrims in an unprecedented stampede that went unchecked .This insistence on behalf of Iran to keep bringing up the matter shows that this incident has not not been given its due on any Islamic tribune.

Leader Khamina’i insisted once more yesterday on the necessity to investigate the incident of Mina and find out the truth saying that Iran is the only country asking for this investigation while other countries keep silent . The leader asked for a solution regarding the management of Hajj that Muslim countries have to come up with .

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