This Grozny Islamic Conference held in Chechnya is a real trip , whereby the Saudis were given the best treatment they could dream of . They were simply considered as not part of the Sunni sect . This far so good . This put them on par with the Shi’a sect and with other sects that have Islam for origin , neither better nor worse . The Saudis or Wahabis were not considered un- Islamic, nor labeled with Kufr, nor exposed as non Muslims and non Religious .

This was really a very mild measure taken against the Saudis who had been for decades now drowning entire Muslim countries in blood and tears and conspiring and plotting against all Arabs and Muslims . They were not declared as enemies of the Religion, not even asked why are they spilling the blood of Muslims, or why they did not investigate properly the incident of Mina, or allowed anyone to investigate this massacre that caused the death of 2000 pilgrims .

They were not removed from the administration of the Holy places either or the Hajj , nor asked to give explanations, nor investigated regarding their sustenance of ISIS and al Nusrat and other terrorist groups and their financing and arming and recruiting of terrorists all over the World for years now .

The Saudis practically got away with very little , almost nothing compared to the crimes they committed over decades and are still committing . Much more to the point was what leader Khamina’i said that the Saudi royals know no God, and belong to no Religion , and they are an evil tree , and the crimes they commit are unforgivable and they are friends and allies with israel and they are behind the armed factions that kill Muslims everywhere . These accusations were totally overlooked by the Grozny Conference.

This Grozny Conference was probably meant to Protect Saudi Arabia and put it under Putin’s umbrella- the ever ally of the Saudis- and letting it get away with the least possible damage . It is – no doubt- a World Order gathering – hosted by Putin and his friend Kadyrov – that seeks to absolve KSA from its crimes and rehabilitate it as a non Sunni sect and keep its custody over the holy places until further notice at least .

Where are the Committees issued from such gathering that are meant to follow up the matter and sanctions what Saudia does in the name of Islam ,or it will be blamed on the Wahabis who are no more part of the Sunni sect relieving thus al Azhar from his duties towards the Religion . The Grozny Conference is more like the failed military coup of Erdogan meant to protect the rule more so than to expose it.


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