The Victory is total and the thugs are under total siege in al Ramousseh; the war academies buildings have been all taken and the 1070 apartments also and the breach hermetically closed and the thugs of al Nusrat and Jaysh al Fateh scattered every where and totally defeated : Signed by the Resistance Forces fighting in Aleppo.

While the thugs sponsors were meeting in Hangzhou, China, with the Great 20, something great was waiting for them in Aleppo which is the defeat of the thugs they sponsor which caused the US / Russian talks to collapse regarding Syria , and the two were not able to reach an understanding because of the changes on the ground that were not in favor of the World Powers of Russia and USA, but in favor of the forces of the Resistance who had operated the major strike .

Now, there is no understanding regarding Aleppo, and this because – according to al Safir News Paper – the understanding included securing the breach in al Ramousseh for the thugs and evacuating the Castello passage on behalf of the Syrian army which will secure the thugs trapped in eastern Aleppo to continue to receive limited supplies and be able to survive .

Now we know why the breach in a Ramousseh was opened when the Russian airforce was busy striking Tadmur – last month- while the Syrian Army withdrew leaving the thugs to open a breach of one km of width almost in the south . The Ramousseh breach – thus- is a US request that Russia wants to meet and the Castello road also controlled by the Syrian Army is a US request that Russia wants to meet , and both are now closed, and the US and the Russians have nothing to tell to one another, and the joint conference between the two was cancelled and the Russian belligerent said that we were not able to decide who the terrorist is . Well, we can decide for them , they both are the terrorists.


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