They say Russia is this or that,  and the Oligarchs are ruling or not ruling,  and Putin is doing this or doing that,  and there is democracy or a form of democracy or no democracy at all . And they say that there is nationalism and the rise of the Church again . They say Putin did this or did that,  and maneuvered this way or the other , and all are under the illusion that we are before a sovereign independent state called Russia-  or the Russian Federation-  forgetting that we are in the presence of a defeated entity , and before the remains of a fallen state of which almost nothing was left , and that had collapsed totally financially economically and ethically also.

A country whose arsenal has been maintained and renewed by the US,  and who owes its flourishing weapon industry to the US of A . A country that has less independence than Turkey  and whose population has been bribed to accept Putin like the Turks were bribed to accept Erdogan and were provided with money and leisure in return . A state-  previously called the USSR – that was totally defeated , and then allowed to survive and remain together as Russia, allowed by the USA with at – its head- a drunkard mafioso called Yeltsin, who – himself-was allowed to choose- as successor – a stooge – that equals him in subordination to the west – called Vladimir Putin ; an ex KGB thug , an opportunist known for serving the corrupt and being corrupt himself, a usurper who ascended to power thanks to the Yeltsin mafia whom he promised to serve and protect .

This is the bare truth . But the World Order found out that the late state – called the USSR – was useful one way or another to the US of A,  and that it would be suitable that the USSR continues to exist under the name of Russian Federation and to play the same role the USSR played as a pole to the USA and to the western world , and that this pole will be totally controlled and manipulated by the World powers to serve them, and rally all those who seek an alternative to the World powers . This is what Russia is : a fake independent state,  and a fake pole to the World Order, with at its head a trainee that has been rehabilitated and instructed by the Bush family to whom he owes everything .

Putin is not different from the Saudi Rulers who are puppets of the World Order,  and his loyalty is to the World Powers to whom he yearns to belong by his own testimony .He is like al Sisi and like Erdogan even though Erdogan enjoys a certain popularity among the Turks that Putin definitely lacks. Putin is no revolutionary and is not carrier of any project for Russia or the future of Russia, and Russia has become – thanks to him – a rogue state with a powerful weapon industry promoted and owned by the US. And like all stooges,  he is hording money and amassing wealth, and has become probably the richest man on earth . He owes his promotion from KGB thug to president of the biggest country not to any of his merits,  but to the world Order designs that exploited well his KGB skills and invested in his poor morality and want in ethics


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