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ISIS spokesman al Adnani – who was killed today in Aleppo- is an ex convict in Iraqi prisons . He has collaborated with al Zarqawi, and then was arrested and detained by the US in Iraq from 2006 to 2011 when he was released .His release coincides with the beginning of the Arab spring and the war on Syria. How many prisoners like him were released to join the armed thugs operating in Syria and Iraq . What kind of training do these detainees undergo ? And how they have been rehabilitated and recycled? . In Lebanon , the terrorist thugs are not even tried . Many people say that this is in order to release them when orders come because those prisoners have been put under custody without trial until orders are issued to employ them again . Thus, prisons are shelters for thugs, and many times the US or some foreign embassy gives a tip to the security forces to arrest this or that thug not because they want to detain them and prosecute them but because they want to keep them in a safe place until there is need for them. . Thus, prisons become places where thugs are recycled to be used again

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