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Bismillah assalatu wassalam
Assalamu ‘Alaykum wa rahmatullah

We are in the Ashoura’ Square in Nabatiyya
Let me address my deep condolences to the families of those who fell victims in the Mosque of al Qudaih

This is your feast and celebrations and i congratulate all Arabs and Muslims and congratulate you on the birth of Imam Zain al ‘Abideen and abul Fadl . I salute all the martyrs and their families and the wounded and the prisoners and all those who started this path : Sayyed Moussa al Sadr , Sayyed Abbas al Moussawi , hero Mughniyye and all those who supported this Resistance even with a simple prayer. I salute Syria and its leadership and Iran

We should draw lessons from this victory and experience . When the Israelis invaded . Some Lebanese understood the implications of such invasion . Some Lebanese wanted this invasion and helped the Israelis and were part of this scheme. Some were indifferent and only cared about their own problems . But some developed an understanding of the situation and acted accordingly . Some had this understanding but felt that they could not do anything . Those who acted and believed engaged in the battle

Some spoke abut Israel as a friend and a savior and when asked about the slaughter of Palestinians will justify this by the Palestinian Resistance operations
Some exposed the Lebanese Resistance and others supported it and backed it till it reaped victory. The AMAL movement and Hizbullah and the National Resistance and the Palestinian Resistance . This Resistance Front could during three years impose itself on the occupier and forced it to withdraw further south in 1985.
Since 1985 , the Resistance never stopped and offered all kinds of sacrifices until final victory was reaped .

Those few Lebanese who made this victory possible wanted this victory to be the victory of all Lebanese . And the Resistance fought with this perspective that it is fighting for all Arabs and Muslims and all people and for the Palestinians
And this victory was offered to all Lebanese and all Lebanese are enjoying this victory which proves that this battle was fought for all Lebanon.

And Ihud Barack defends now his decision of withdrawing from Lebanon and defends it as a right choice because to stay had become very costly
The Resistance behaved decently regarding even the agents who betrayed their country and still some draw the parallel between the Resistance and ISIS
Imagine if the Resistance people had not made the right choice of resisting what would have happened to Lebanon.

Therefore we should thank God and preserve this grace that has fallen upon us and stick to it . This Resistance did not rely on US or the World organizations or any one but relied on itself and its friends.

Now we are facing the Takfiri danger and let us look at facts that we are all witnessing everywhere in Syria .

ISIS now is spreading in Syria, in Iraq , in Sinai , in Nigeria, in Afghanistan in Yemen , in KSA and in other places slaughtering. killing , abducting , looting . Some are burying their heads in the sand . Some think that ISIS is good and support it .
Today we are facing a danger that has no par in history, a danger that threatened all . What did ISIS do to the Sunnis who even supported it but did not pay allegiance to the Caliph ? Even al Nusrat and ISIS who are of the same ideology and they slaughter one another and they do not spare anyone neither Sunnis nor Christians nor Shi’as nor anyone except the Sunni who pays allegiance to the Caliph

This is not Sunnis versus Shi’as . These are Takfiris versus all . And still people say that there is no danger

What are we to do . Facts say that there is no way around these people . Some think that by staying on the side and self distancing oneself one would be spared or by calling ISIS revolutionaries one will be spared .

This is not a joke . The first victims of ISIS will be the 14th of March Hariri people
Facts speak differently that ISIS does not forgive . Is ISIS to be trusted and is there any understanding possible with ISIS.

What are our choices ? Should we sit and watch ? Should we rely on US?
They invaded half of Iraq in no time . What did the Coalition strikes do ? All Iraqis know that ISIS commutes openly between different provinces and between Syria and Iraq without being bothered . The Iraqis have taken the initiative to retrieve Salahuddin and Diyala . Some will rely on the Arab League and on the Arab Forces and on the Decisive Storm who is funding and financing Terror .

We should rely on our own selves . This is an existential issue and we should leave our differences aside and coordinate our efforts and rely on our people who could defeat Israel.

The Future Movement have a problem with Bashshar al Assad for this reason they do not want Assad to win this war . They should fear the victory of ISIS , not that of Assad . We can give a guarantee to 14th of March regarding an eventual victory of Assad . The battle of Qalamoon is not that of Hizbullah it is that of Lebanon and we invite you to engage in the battle and all the borders between Lebanon and Syria will be secured if God wills

As for Irsal , the city of Irsal , even when trapped cars were sent to us from Irsal , we considered the people of Irsal as our own and we salute the people of Baalbeck who treated ‘Irsal people as their own even when their sons were abducted and killed .
We invite to government to assume this responsibility regarding Irsal and act accordingly . The people of Irsal are feeling the heavy weight of the presence of the Terrorists

As for the hills of Irsal . Today on the 24th of May , i declare that our people in Baalbeck or Hermel will not accept the presence of one single terrorist in the hills of ‘Irsal

And this will be for the sake and benefit of the city of Irsal

this formula of Resistance +Army + People. This formula we offer to Syria, to Iraq, to Yemen and to all countries .

This assault on Yemen could not achieve its goals because of this formula
The Israelis have succeeded in dividing the battle into many fronts and on this division it built its dominance . Palestine is suffering because , even the internal front was divided between the West Bank and Gaza

The enemy is trying to divide the battle and no one wants to assume responsibility.

The Arab countries are divided regarding this battle . This battle should be considered as one . Today we fight on the side of the Syrian Army everywhere, and we do this to defend all in Syria and Lebanon and in Iraq. Our presence in Syria is the expression of this stand and we will be present everywhere in Syria to ward off this danger.

i invite KSA to stop its war on Yemen and to engage in talks . i call the Bahraini authorities not to bet on the surrender of the Yemeni people to despair .
We will be present in Syria and Lebanon and we are still ready to face our enemy . The Resistance is in full presence and strength . we are aware that our enemy is betting on us growing tired and drained , but we are vigil and in full readiness
I say that it is a shame that you start counting our martyrs . It is thanks to the Martyrs and the wounded that you enjoy what you enjoy

There is a total consensus on this battle among the people of the Resistance . I have not called for mobilization , but this might happen and if this happens , you will see tens of thousands of young people responding . I swear by God the Almighty and I do not swear usually that no time was when this Resistance was more present and ready and promising and experienced and well equipped and proliferous than it is now

in this celebration , if we rely on God and not on the enemies and if we rely on our people and friends and our own capacity , this Takfiri project will be surely defeated
Sayyed concludes his speech.

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