Was Syria invited to attend the 70th commemoration of the victory over the Nazis that took place in Moscow today? No Syrians were seen in the celebrations and no Syrians attended the parade – as it seems- and who knows if Syria was ever invited?

Such a shame because Putin owes his actual position – as an international figure- to Syria, and to the role he assumed in the Syrian struggle where he succeeded in stripping Syria off its chemical arsenal and in turning Syria into a Terror Land and in introducing US as a partner in the war on Terror .

All these achievements turned Putin into a World Order hero, and Assad should have figured on his side because Putin owes this elevated status to president Assad who channeled to him all the victories achieved by the Resistance and the Syrian army on the ground in order to boost his image that was rather dull .

But Putin is not grateful to Assad and preferred to have al Sisi at his sides , someone who – unlike Assad- has the favors of the World Order , and this because Putin is not a noble person of noble character who appreciates the good services offered to him . He is more like a KGB thug and a renegade and will not be thankful for what was done unto him . Iranians had a similar disappointing experience with Putin but could not pass their bad experience to the Syrians so that they learn from it. The Syrians had to have their own Putin experience at the price of hundreds of thousands of martyrs .

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