Since you are good at enumerating things . i will enumerate to you what Putin did to Syria regardless of what he did to Russia and Russians .

He infiltrated the Axis of the Resistance

Drew away Syria from the Axis of the Resistance on the ground of fake secularism
Made Syrians think that Russia is committed to their security

Commit himself to Israel’s security in a private visit to Netenyahu

Inaugurated the direct hot line between Tel Aviv and Moscow and between him and Netenyahu

Backed off when Syria was threatened by a US attack on the ground of the use of chemical weapons

Never made public the evidence that he had of the chemical weapons being used by the opposition

Delivered Syria’s chemical arsenal to the International Community for the sake of Israel

Changed the war in Syria into a war against Terror drawing out Israel and NATO from the struggle and protecting them – as promised- and putting KSA and Gulf countries in the Front lines instead

Encouraged both the Terror and the war on Terror in Syria

Lied about the two US Ballistic missiles that were intercepted over the Mediterranean by the Russians

Promoted himself internationally and regionally at the expense of Syrian blood

Used all the victories won over the Syrian opposition by the Army and the Resistance to boost himself internationally

Took Syria for a ride in Geneva one and two from which Syria reaped nothing but where Russia was promoted as an international power

Never delivered to Syria the S 300 missiles that Syria had paid for and needed to defend itself against Israel

Sold for billions weapons to Syria’s opponent Saudi Arabia

Never visited Syria or paid a visit to president Assad who promoted him as a world leader at the expense of his own people

Delivered Syria to the World Order against the permission to get and annex Crimea

Pressured Syria to approve of the anti Terror Coalition strikes that damaged Syria’s infra structure and spared ISIS

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